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  • Should You Be Playing Shio?

    Shio is an indie platformer that launched about two weeks ago on Steam, and I’ve wanted to write about it ever since I picked it up. There’s one major reason I haven't done so until now, though - bugs. The developer of the game, Coconut... More
  • Should You Be Playing Rivals of Aether?


    Boy howdy, this post is looong overdue! Rivals of Aether launched out of Steam Early Access about a month ago now, and I was actually planning to write this piece elsewhere even before I logged back into Game Informer and started blogging again. After... More
  • Reader Discussion: What’s Your Favorite WWII Game?


    With all the announcements about Call of Duty: WWII this past week, there’s been plenty of hubbub surrounding the game. Young CoD fans, or others who jumped on at Modern Warfare, seem justifiably excited by the idea. Older players and those who... More
  • So... Do You Still Like Kingdom Hearts?


    The Kingdom Hearts series recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and it is still something that is very near and dear to many people’s...uh...hearts. I consider it one of the few franchises that came along at the just the right time for millennial... More
  • Been A Long Time, Comrades


    Hello again, beloved GI community! What, you don't remember me? I can't say I blame you - it's been quite a while since the last time we talked to each other. This is Connor Trinske again, and I used to be an intern here at Game Informer back... More
  • Here Comes A New Challenger


    Snow. It’s a wonderful thing. I haven’t seen it in such a long time, and I haven’t felt the

    Snow. It’s a wonderful thing. I haven’t seen it in such a long time, and I haven’t felt the perfect sting of a truly cold day in years. For someone who was raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and later lived near Detroit for... More