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  • Limited Edition Black Wii Bundle.

    Europe to get limited edition black Wii bundle Nintendo UK announced on Tuesday that it will soon offer a limited edition Wii bundle in Europe that includes a black console, black Wii remote with Wii MotionPlus adapter and Nunchuk, along with Wii Sports... More
  • For ur Halloween 09

    in case anyone else besides me was online on last saturday, this site was dead to the world. it wasjust little old me and a whole freaking site, i was so scared. but anyway yea i wanna know what u guys did on that day, what did u get into or whos house... More
  • Girls that game! Like a guy:/

    maybe u have known or ran into that gamer girl who is like madness behind a controller. i mean she can throw trash talk and headshots with the best of them. i have yet too but let me tell u sumthing, im so interested in this type of gamer. it boggles... More
  • Ya'know what i hate???

    the freaking t-mobile sidekick id. i mean i really hate this phone. yesterday, for no reason mind u, my sidekick decided it was gonna screw with me yesterday and go all psychodelic on the screen, ie. it broke on me. now im not the best tech guru in the... More
  • Movie Roundup #3

    (almost) Halloween edition! Paranormal Activity (Oren Peli, 2009) I don't really pay that much attention to what the kids are watching these days, so the pre-show hype is pretty much lost in me. Personally, I wasn't expecting much out of it considering... More
  • The tale of nothingness chapter 3: The walruses are here! OH NOES!

    The walruses (and narwhals) made their way toward California. Why, you ask? Because only the largest fast food chain was there! (and it was the closest). Yes, California held the incredible fast-food chain: Walrus King! The Walruses didn't want to... More
  • Sapeurs du Congo

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    The Sapeurs adhere to a subculture of high fashion, often against a backdrop of extreme poverty. Many live in shacks bordered by stinking sewers in the southern suburbs of Brazzaville. Those of them who can, work double jobs; those who can’t must... More
  • Always Crashing in the Same Car

    7 2
    Eight, nine, ten years ago we were subject to legions of boy/girl band clones, some being younger than others... And that, for our reference, is where our circle shall begin... Out of the pile of rotten produce to choose from, we shall take these fellows... More
  • Nostalgic Memoir; The Annoying Fairy Creatures of the RPG Universe

    If you've ever played an RPG/Fantasy game, you understand where I'm coming from. Whether it be some flying PygmyPuff, mutant monstrosity, an enraging, 'navigator,' or some harmless, cute and furry, large eyed, and long eared freakish mouse... More
  • Gaming Heroes; Why All of RPG's Non-Player Chacters Hate Us.

    T hrough the avatar of heroes that wield ot her worldly powers and depressing back stories, we RPG players have saved many a worlds in this gaming genre's universe. But the truth be told, the digitally encrypted and oppressed/threatened peoples of... More
  • Rant: Website Complaints/Suggestions

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    This is my first rant that is directly related to this website. I still see some places on this website that could get some more polish. For starters, the points system. Over in my stats right now, it says I have 857 points. The stats it says I have are... More
  • A Final Look Into Survival Horror

    21 1
    My last few survival-horror related blog posts have been about specific games. Not this time. THIS time, we're taking a look at the thing that makes survival horror so great- the greatest survival-horror monsters of all time. The Brute, as seen in... More