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When a friend saw my post a while back, she told me to play it again, since what I was complaining about was already fixed by the time it was posted. We planned a game together and we waited for a match. And we waited... And we waited... And we waited... Then it crashed on my end. Yeah, I wanna put my thoughts on the more updated version of Overwatch and actually tell you (again) why I dislike the game. I hope enjoyed it the first time, because this is going to be basically the same thing in a nutshell. Hello and welcome back to this hated thought blog.

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Yeah, it was during last week when me and my friend planned that match, and for some reason the match finding was very off. For about hours the game would say, "Finding Players: 8/12" or whatever the player count is. It felt like the launch of the Meet Your Match update on Team Fortress. "He's comparing it to TF2 again!!" I know, but it's the only ting I can compare it to. I mean, Call of Duty has a better match finding system. As the clock struck... A long time has passed, I asked my friend if this was common for the game to have a long match making. She said it happens "Now and Then." I respond by saying "Frequently?" and she replies with a quiet yes. I really hate how this works, I mean,  why call it a quick match when you have to wait for players for about an hour? And the one thing I hate about it is how they tease you by doing a before match game, having it become a deathmatch game with no goal behind it as you wait for more players. This irritates me a lot, because this discourages players to stay because it becomes so boring after three minutes you come out of that spawn, and has most players leave the match making. 

After my computer crashed, this was all I saw in the entire time I waited for a match. Just me fooling around while I wait for a match that will never happen. "Well, you can always not choose quick Play..." I tried that and the same results. I thought Quick Play was to put in an active game or at least a starting game, but instead it makes you wait for it and soon making you give up on this match making and wait for another one. 

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"Well, you can always play the event matches." I actually went to play some 3v3 and 1v1, but it just got boring after a while. I appreciate the concept of a random select player and trying to beat the other player with it, but it doesn't hold up well. Once you get a hold of the concept, it's barely fun. "It's fun with friends, StarterPack!" I was playing that with a friend, and we both wanted to move on to another mode as we kept getting the same character every match. Who was it? Widowmaker! "She's a skilled class, StarterPack!" Yes, a difficult one when your fighting the same person and no one else. Look, Widowmaker does this most of the time when 1v1-ing her: Look down scope, snipe enemy. Miss? Move to cover. Wait for missed shot. Repeat all actions. "But StarterPack, you can also sneak up on the other player!" And do what? Rapid Fire her? I could snipe, but most people know that this is coming and make sure they know their surroundings. 

Along with the new Uprising Update sounded like it was going to be fun, I mean it was what I asked for: a co-op mode like TF2's Mann Vs. Machine. Well, the mode has you select certain difficulties, Normal, Hard, Insane, Legendary. I believe that's the selection. We all thought it was strange that there is not an Easy mode for this. I guess it was the edgy developers trying to say Git Gud. 

We chose Legendary jokingly (since we heard it was like MvM's Graveyard map), we a went into the match wanting to see something fun. Do you know what we found? I don't know why, but people keep choosing Tobjorn, Bastion and Zenyatta either as a joke or just to see if it would work. I chose my side main as Reinhardt to block the sentry building freaks. Once fifteen minutes passed, we were demolished. "Are you going to blame the team?" Of course, since they all chose the defensive class as we both chose offensive classes. I believe that I shouldn't tell you how to play, but when you choose the weak class that isn't good  while on offense. I know some people can manage as a defensive character in a offensive match, but when the game is nothing but defend and everyone has low health and unable to protect themselves without a turret, I have no choice but to call that a bad team. 

About the mode, it could have some new things to attack. I mean, wave after wave is a mix of different enemies instead of a unique enemies reused to make the match more interesting or difficult. I know there is a small variety of them to suite anyone's needs to call that mode satisfying, but I liked how in every wave in TF2, it was an unexpected large Heavy with a Medic pocketing him and Ubercharging him, both of them having over 25 hundred health. I know that's a lot to ask for, but I want to see a large variety of enemies not just five. 

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"Well, you are just hating because you like TF2 better" No, just asking for more, but that's what I don't like about this limited time event. I would love to see them improve on this mode and it has lots of fun and potential to it, but it's just something they thought would be cool to have in the game. I know many people speculate that they are testing out what the players and fans want from this game, but I think it's just them trying attract the players back because a few they lost a couple of players. 

"You're just hating!" No, I'm just judging for the most part. I just hate how they just don't make a stable and permanent mode that they wish to leave in the game. I see so much potential to that mode that I wish they would leave in, because it could need some improving. They could produce maps, each one having different experiences to the last, instead of the same cap the point, payload defend the point. They could even add more abilities for the player to use and to defend the upcoming hordes of enemies as they get harder with each wave. I would love to see that, but I guess that won't be seen. I know that I might be wrong in the distant future because of player demand or whatever, but for now this game is not worth that awful price until that mode is permanent. 

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To move on, I want to talk about one change that got me. I've seen many Ult. Fail compilation and the most common one was the Tire Exploding in the user's face. I can say that this has the player become more patient to use the Ult for Junkrat players, having them strategize the explosion a lot more. But now that whole fail where the Junk dies from his own Tire is gone since they made a "Fix" where his own explosions don't effect him. Even as a Junkrat main, this is the worst thing that they can put in the game and call a fix. 

Now, players can no longer try and think about their shots, being careful where their grenades go, they can just spam the left click and get away with it without thinking that this is a cheap move. I can understand if his Mine doesn't affect him, but his own grenades can't as well? To be honest, those players that complain about loosing health too quick when playing as Junkrat is the Artificial Difficulty in Dark Souls. It's hard because you don't pay attention. "Speak as a Junkrat Main, this a great fix because even professionals complain about this, so your statement is invalid." Well, if pros complain about, then they need to learn how to lead their shots. I've seen main videos of Junkrat players who demolish players without taking self-damage. Why does this happen?Because they lead their shots, they even do trick shots instead of spamming the Left Click and hoping that the Spray and Pray method works. 

"Well, why not just pick someone else like Pharah?" Well, to be honest, she was even given a "Fix" and it's just annoying to fight her or even try to counter her. She had a the same rocket boost, but the refill time is so fast that she can stay in the air for the entire match. "Why don't you snipe her?" I don't do well firing at floating targets. "Why not scope her with Bastion?" She will take notice and try to counter me. Plus, have you seen his fire? It's not as accurate as you think. I don't know, I thought the noob characters of the game would be the obvious 76 or the Bastion, but it feels like it changed to Mei, Symmetra, and Pharah. I mean, it's like the guy who stay at a corner in an Omega Stage in Smash. Just waiting for people to come towards you so you can grab them and spike.

"Well, I'm a Pharah main and speaking for the Symmetra and Mei player, they aren't that much of a troll character." Okay, all you need to do is run up to someone and do continuous damage to them and one of them actually stops you in your tracks. Pharah can camp at a point and do a solo Ult if she feels like she's countered. I'm sorry to say this, but at least the Pyro had the player be able to escape his grasp. He is an OP character, but at least you can run away from it, and why do you think Mei is seen as the evil character with a mask a light hearted person? 

"Can I ask before you go, why are you a Junkrat main?" Because, right next to Pharah, he was the only one that was close to my two mains in TF2, Soldier and Demo-Man. "Ha! Scub!" I can see your a Pyro main. Well, I hope you enjoyed this and 'til next time...

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