This year - 2017 - will be a really great year for the gaming industry. We will see launches for all platforms and many of the games are to be launched much sooner than expected. The upcoming Switch games are eagerly expected but we cannot deny the other platforms. We are faced with anticipated sequels and standalone games that may change the genre. Although new announcements can be made, if you want to see what to buy or you just want to create a blog about a topic you like, here are the highly expected games to expect in 2017.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Available on Vive and PSVR, the game was supposed to be released in 2016 but was delayed. What is interesting is that this is a VR game. The player can assume different bridge roles on the much-loved Enterprise. You and your friends can use virtual reality to move around the ship and the Enterprise does look stunning.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

In the Mass Effect universe there is always something new to do. In Andromeda we do not really know exactly all that will be available but what is surely interesting is that the game will look really great. The storyline is focused on finding a brand new home for humans. We have the things we love from the Mass Effect series, a modern look and an anticipated storyline.

Nier: Automata

This is a combination of BattlestarGalactica and Bayonetta with a huge focus on third person combat. Nier is a cult classic with a clear sci-fi setting. In Automata we continue the story, seeing Earthlings fighting together with combat androids against the alien force that invaded years ago. Fluid combat is expected, together with boss battles and huge atrocity displays in a world of humans and androids.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft basically combines its main strengths: games with the Tom Clancy label and open world sandboxes. The result is this really interesting modern-day game in a highly successful Ghost Recon series. We will see players involved in Bolivia, fighting against the drug cartel. The teams are faced with vast mountain ranges, swamps and deserts. Play together with AI or with other gamers.  


This game is actually a huge success on Kickstarter. We are talking about a 3D platformer that tries to recapture the N64 collectathons simplicity. You guide around Laylee and Yooka, a bat and a chameleon, through beautiful landscapes and going over many obstacles.

Persona 5

Persona 5 is incredibly anticipated. The game will finally be launched in April 2017. It is an RPG that follows different high school students that have supernatural powers. The tone shift in the series is quite substantial but that does not mean the game will not be awesome. In Persona 5 we will follow some young flamboyant cat burglars, making the story even more interesting than many expected.


Last but not least, Prey is a reimagined 2006 Prey game. Arkane Studios brings the game back to life and offers a sci-fi shooter set in a space station overrun by aliens. You will fight your way through different settings and have a lot of fun.