To anyone who has played Final Fantasy VI, they are surely familiar with the maniacal villain of the game and his trademark laugh. Whenever I think about the best villains in videogames, he is still in my #1 spot. If you've never played FF6, here's a short list of his atrocities:


Poisoning an entire castle.

Harvesting Espers for their magical powers, then disposing of them.

Murdering General Leo. Still trying to figure out the trick to revive him!


Oh, and there's that whole becoming a god and destroying the world thing he did.

There will always be villains with grand ambitions, but most of the time the heroes stop him in the nick of time. Not so with this story. Kefka simply hates love and life altogether and wishes to destroy everything, and does a pretty good job of it. He's one of the few villains that actually succeeds with his plan and spends a year smiting the people out of boredom. I feel like this doesn't happen enough in a lot of games, although with FF15 something of a similair vein happens towards the end.

Another thing I love about Kefka is that the game does not overly delve into some tragic backstory about him being bullied in clown college and now he wants to take revenge or some such nonesense. The only thing mentioned in the game about his past is that he was the first Magitek knight, but the process left him insane. Anything before that basically doesn't matter, and there's no halfhearted attempt to try and bring him back to reason. He's legitamatelly insane now and doesn't care who knows it. Diving into the backstory of a villain can be interesting at times, but I personally feel that it's almost always a cliche form of revenge they're after and it takes some of the oomph out of the story and the final encounter with that villain.

The game also did an excellent job of making Kefka into a villain the player grows to love and hate more and more. Every time he appears, you know something bad is about to go down, but you also want to see what crazy thing he's going to say next. Kefka is not afraid to get his hands dirty (just his boots!), and makes for a refreshing villain, instead of the kind that lingers in the distance behind an army.

With the recent reveal of the mini SNES coming out from Nintendo, I can only hope this game will be included with it, as it was such an important part of why I grew up to love JRPGs and the Final Fantasy series as a whole.